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Monday, December 10, 2012

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

I'm passing along a link to a TESOL International brief on the topic.  Nothing new.   I  love how USCIS requires undocumented young people to provide documentation about their birth, arrival in the U.S, schooling, even a gov issued ID, to be processed for deferment.  This is not a path to citizenship, just a 2 year holding pattern, work permit, possible driver's license.  And oh yeah, it's $465.  Then the person is in our gov "system."  They must renew after 2 years.  Then what?  It's a tactic to post pone a decision on citizenship.  I'm sorry to rant, but it was just to get votes, too.  

We had a lot of stressed out ESOL students worried about getting into GED classes so they could apply for DACA and avoid deportment / perhaps find a path to residency.   Most of these folks had literacy levels that were too low even for ABE classes.  We  issue letters of enrollment for  ABE/GED and ESOL , as it seems PWCS AE should qualify as a state/fed funded literacy program for the purposes of this action. That is an issue for USCIS to determine, anyway.   

Has anyone else had experience with DACA?   Forgive my rantings.  This is one of my hot buttons.


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