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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hope House Mural Show


On Wednesday, November 14th, Hope House holds its annual mural show at the Long View Gallery in Washington DC.  I am on the HH Board. It is an awesome organization that works to connect children with their incarcerated fathers through family literacy projects. The murals are the products of the famous Hope House summer camps. If you ever want to visit for a day, or spend the entire week some summer, let me know! Use the link to learn more about the fundraiser and Hope House.

PS. Interested in oral history? HH is launching an oral history initiative that chronicles the closing of Lorton Prison and the diaspora of DC prisoners into the federal prison system. Will be interviewing everyone from Marion Barry to prison directors, family members, and prisoners....

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  1. Dr. Muth,

    Please post some photos of the mural project event! I remember seeing your photos while in class and reading the article about the good work happening to sustain and repair family communication and connections. Thank you for keeping us informed about what's happening in the world of corrections/community programs. Richmond and the surrounding counties have a program through OAR, but I'm not sure if it matches what Hope House is doing. I may be wrong.


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