"The whole movement of life is learning" (Krishnamurti). "To be an act of knowing, then, the adult literacy process must engage the learners in the constant problematizing of their existential situations" (Freire). "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free" (Douglass). "I can learn anything I have the desire to learn" (White, S.G.).

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Conducting case study interviews

I'm thinking about the interviews for my case study and how to keep them on target and still be semi-structured. I have been thinking about how to get my stakeholders to give me more than what the questions will ask. I think that if I write my critical research question first, and then ask what a stakeholder would derive or would hear, it may keep me focused. Our class interviews showed me that there's so much more to ask than the question; what I have to figure out now is how to step back and let the subject move in its own direction. My friend Maggie (with whom I walk almost every morning) is a good sounding board; she knew immediately that the interviews, if conducted right, would give me information I might not think to ask. I reflected on my pedagogy in my case study, which veered me off track a bit. It's hard to separate the two sometimes. Think think think. Just ruminating, so I don't expect comments on this one : )   Joyce M.

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