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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Health Literacy Toolkit

Health Literacy Toolkit can be found on the VALRC website
Thank you for your patience and consideration of one more  promotion: the VA Adult ESOL Health Literacy Toolkit .  This project is the result of a lot of hard work by my colleague, Kate Singleton.  It's a wonderful resource for anyone teachng ABE-ESOL. 

We could certainly take a critical socio-cultural perspective to healthcare and health literacy.  People who are not full citizens will not be included in the Affordable Care Act in Virginia, at least that's how it looks right now.  It seems Virginia is not treating immigrants as human beings, rather, as lesser beings defined by a piece of paper (or lack thereof).   I'll leave this issue dangling, and make my exit  My intent is to advertise the Toolkit...but I'll engage if anyone has a thought or two on the subject.

Thank you.  Susan

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  1. Susan, I could see the page outlines, but couldn't see the content in the toolkit. Maybe you can show me in class what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for sharing this resource with us.
    BTW, I read today that 12 states have passed some legislation in support of tuition help for children of undocumented immigrants. Given that it's taken over a dozen years to get this meager advancement, I can only imagine how long it will take to extend communist Obamacare to criminal DREAM ACT kids. :( (We used to be a generous country)


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