"The whole movement of life is learning" (Krishnamurti). "To be an act of knowing, then, the adult literacy process must engage the learners in the constant problematizing of their existential situations" (Freire). "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free" (Douglass). "I can learn anything I have the desire to learn" (White, S.G.).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Literacy for its own sake

So after a weekend progressive dinner in our community, I find that some people don't really care how literate they are in some respects. I consider myself fortunate to be in an academic community (in this department) where there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, and no one literacy to learn. There's so much 'world' out there to learn. From Susan Watson I've learned a lot about teaching English. From Susan - I'm sorry - I keep thinking of you as Susan Gale, and I know I'm wrong - I've learned how much I still have to learn to consider myself educated. From Holly I see how to listen more. From Lisa I learn I have memories to share. From Annie - eventually I'll learn to pronounce your correct name - I learn how much there is in the world that affects so many populations and I see a very different perspective. From Dr. Muth I've learned that my energy is sometimes a good thing. So my generative blog for today is simply to say thank you for opening me up to a new literacy.

Joyce M.

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  1. What an awesome blog! Thank you for such kind thoughts regarding each of us:) I too understand that it's difficult to gather why some are not open to the opportunities that literacy and learning can provide (we've talked about the rolling of the eyes and deer-in-headlights that I've encountered when trying to share my thoughts about an "article I read for school"). I however am also thankful for the opportunity to view the world with a newly formed and appreciative lens, and I wonder if others one day will see just what they may be missing by remaining on the outside of this particular Discourse.


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