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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feedback is a gift

When I was presenting my project in class last week, it seemed that my "literacy event" wasn't clear to the class so I thought I would take Dr. Muth's advice and blog about it. I talked to Dr. Muth and Lauren for a few minutes after class last week, after talking to them and doing some research over the weekend I think that I've found something that will work better for my project. Since we receive the same 4-5 questions about the new retirement plan, I'm going to concentrate on why these questions keep coming up over and over again. If the answers to these questions are in the handbook provided by VRS, why are they still repeatedly coming up? Why is this certain information so confusing and hard to understand? I'm hoping that altering the course of my project in this direction will allow me to have abetter experience with this project.

Feedback welcome!


  1. Hi Lauren, it sounds like you want to make a "job aid" (my language) to give your associates the highlights of a complex process. I make those all the time to explain complex procedures for bankers. I think it's a great idea. I think you can interview your co-workers to see if they are observing the same trends in the questions. You can also ask more questions to understand the root cause of the confusion the next time someone calls in asking about these key areas. You may find that the documentation isn't confusing but that nobody has time to read it. So they call you to get the quick answers. I have found similar experiences in my work. People are just too busy to read long manuals. No matter what you uncover through your research, I think it's a great project!

  2. I agree, Lauren, and not jut because I am currently mapping some long term retirement plans. And, saw I mentioned before, I will volunteer to be one of your interviewees if that would be helpful. I also agree with Jen that asking the deeper questions about root causes may help you begin to locate longer term solutions, even if they are not immediately problem solving. (do I sound like a broken record?) :)


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