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Monday, March 31, 2014

Social Technographics Ladder

I really enjoyed our discussion in class on Tuesday with Dr. Rhodes, she brought up a lot points that I had never really thought of before when it comes to the way we use technology. When we were reviewing the Social Techno-graphics ladder, I was surprised by how high on the ladder I was. I don't think of my self as being the most technically savvy person out there (just last semester during a presentation Melissa taught me what a hash tag was and how to use it - sad). I see the ladder and think "okay - I'm a joiner", that's as high as I go. However, when Dr. Rhodes brought up being a critic and gave the example of leaving feedback for a business online - I moved up the ladder to critic. When we were talking about being a creator and we were talking about our personal blogs that we keep for this program - I moved up the ladder to creator. It was fun to break it down and really see how involved I am when it comes to social media.


  1. 1. I am so honored you mentioned me. More like #honored, amirite?
    2. I liked that ladder a lot, because we can really move up and down it freely, even day to day.
    3. That class made me realize that after I finish with school I need to go on a social media break, even for a weekend. Too. Into. It.

  2. I am glad you found Dr. Rhode's class helpful, Lauren (and Melissa). It worked out well that the one class I would be away was this one--because everything I know about digital literacy I learned from Dr. Rhodes (including the handouts). I will be sure to pass your thoughts along to her!

  3. Without trying to offend anyone (ok, usually when one opens with that statement, they are about to offend someone) but I've found that when working with older family members and digital literacies, I'm thrust to the top of the ladder. My late Grandfather, who is the smartest man I've ever met, tried to manually reset his modem properties after a power outage (early 2000's). The following week, he called me over to help him out with a problem. The number he had reset it to was not the AOL tower- it was a poor man who my grandfathers computer had called over 200 times trying to connect to the internet. I can clearly remember hearing the man yell through the computer speakers to "stop calling his damn house".


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