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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Please provide suggestions on themes!

Thank you all for great questions and suggestions on my change management processes I found all feedback to be valuable. As a reminder, I have included my research details below. I welcome your thought on appropriate themes.

Investigation Goals: Understand the social and cultural practices that influence the processes associated with the Change Management Form

Change Management Details:
• Work Functions - All technical and procedural changes to the production environment and infrastructure
• Text-Related Tasks - Request changes using the Change Management Form

Relationships with the texts cause biases and threaten results. Neutrality is critical to increase the validity of the findings.

• Theme 1: Larger socio-cultural purposes for literature
• Theme 2: Resistance
• Theme 3: Regimes of Truth

Thank you in advanced.


  1. Shannon, I thought that you did a really nice job on your presentation. Our organization is going through a lot of change right now, so I have a strong appreciation for what your office does, trying to make sure that changes are compliant with organizational policies and communicated to all employees. Some of your stakeholders' responses to the form made me think about the writings of Belfiore and Folinsbee in Reading Work. Often the employees didn't fill out the paper work correctly because it felt like it was secondary to their "real work" or because they felt there might be negative consequences to their actions. Do you think that some of your stakeholders have similar feelings, and that is why they are resisting?

    There could also be an underlying issue of power and identity. Maybe other team members see the process as something that is restricting them from appropriating their work processes in the way that works best for them?

    1. Yes. I agree. Thank you for your feedback. I will think about this as I enhance the process.

  2. Shannon, I agree with Rachel that your presentation was well done and think her suggestions are worth considering. And remember...you are not problem solving, right? Like you stated beautifully above, your goal is to "understand the social and cultural practices" that surround the change form. That's no easy task, and more than sufficient for step 3! :)

    1. Thank you. I feel better after both your comments. You are right! I am not probem solving. but I do want to ensure I use what I have learned to build the best processes. It just feels like the right thing to do. ;)



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